Landshark Literary Review is an undergraduate literary magazine at the University of Mississippi striving to represent students’ and young Mississippi writers’ voices and creativity through a diverse selection of content that showcases individuality, originality, and inclusivityOver the past few months, it has become even more important for students to have a safe space to share their thoughts, emotions, and experiences as they struggle to feel heard and be reassured that they are not alone. Landshark Literary Review believes that literary magazines are important for fostering a community, and one of our goals as an undergraduate literary magazine is to create a smaller community of minds among the larger community of University of Mississippi. This magazine serves as an outlet for students (writers, editors, artists, and readers) to express themselves, release stress, and showcase their inner creativity through stories, poetry and artwork. 

We are always striving to expand our (and your) horizons. We kindly welcome submissions of poetry, fiction, and photography and encourage submissions from students of all backgrounds. 

Staff Members

Caroline Duff

My name is Caroline Duff, and I am from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with minors in English, History, and Journalism at the University of Mississippi. I am currently a social media intern for the University of Mississippi Development office, hoping to seek a full-time marketing position after graduating in December.

Lauryn Zilfia-Gwendolyn Edwards

My name is Lauryn Edwards and I’m from Jackson, MS. I am currently a senior seeking a degree in English-Creative Writing and minor in Film. I enjoy my dog and sleep above most things. I’m also currently working towards becoming a professional writer and documentary filmmaker.

Ameliea Dulany

Ameliea Dulaney is a senior in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi and is pursuing a major in English (with an emphasis in Editing, Writing, and Publishing) along with a minor in sociology. She is from the Mississippi Delta but attended high school in Washington, D.C., where she developed her passion for reading and writing. She is currently working for a nonprofit (Family Biz Builder) based in her hometown of Tunica, where she oversees social media marketing and serves as a mentor/tutor to young students. After graduating, she plans to attend law school like her father.

Trever Farmer

Trevor Farmer is a junior in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi and he is pursuing a bachelor’s in English and a minor in TESOL. He has transferred here from Pearl River Community College FCC where he served as Phi Theta Kappa- Beta Tau Gamma Chapter Vice President of Scholarship and President of the Student Government Association. Although he was born in Tyler, Texas, he graduated high school in Trinidad, Colorado where he was heavily active in FFA and Speech and Debate. Currently, he works with his family’s bee business (Honey Guy Products) when he isn’t at school. In his free time, he competes on the Ole Miss Esports Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate team as captain and continues his passion for creative writing in hopes of filling his resume with more publications. After graduating, he plans on applying to the Japanese Exchange Teaching Program (JET) to serve as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan.

Lekendrick Ford

I’m Kendrick Ford, and I am a multidisciplinary studies major. I’m from Greenville, Ms where I was born and raised. I enjoy spending time with family and helping others. My passion is teaching children.

Blair Madison

Blair Madison is a senior majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. She hails from Columbus, MS. She loves to read and write and hopes to one day own a jet pack. Oh, and be an internationally bestselling author. She’s excited to see which dream she achieves first!

Jack Hall

Jack enjoys long walks on the beach and nuzzling up by the fire. Sorry, that was intended for his dating profile. He is, however, an English major with a minor in Spanish and an intent of pursuing law school. Whenever he is free from judgement, he likes to practice guitar and pretend he’s really good at it.

Elizabeth McCubbins

Elizabeth McCubbins is a junior English major at the University of Mississippi. She is a lover of books and film. Aside from meeting Harry Styles, her dream is being a professional writer.

Kellie Smith

Kellie is a junior English and writing major. She is from the Biloxi, MS. She is currently a writing intern with the College of Liberal Arts, and she is the new president of Cover to Cover. Kellie also works as a writing consultant at the Writing Center at Ole Miss. When there is a window of free time, Kellie enjoys reading fantasy fiction, painting, and taking care of her plants.

Emma Tharp

Emma Tharp is a senior English major with a double minor in German and Business. She was born and raised just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She spends most of her time reading or binge-watching Netflix, and she can tell you far more fun facts about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. than anyone wants to know.

Makayla Steede

Makayla Steede is a junior English and Journalism major minoring in Gender Studies. Makayla is a Community Assitant on campus and the co-president of Rebels Against Sexual Assault. She can often be found with a coffee and book in hand.

Troy Williams

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